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Introducing Nitech EDT®: The Ultimate Disposable Glove for All Your Safety Needs

In today’s world, maintaining high levels of hygiene is of utmost importance, especially in the food, medical, and hospitality industries. One of the simplest and most effective ways to ensure hygiene is by using disposable gloves. And when it comes to disposable gloves, there is no better option than Nitech EDT®.

What is Nitech EDT®?

Nitech EDT® is a patented disposable glove manufactured by RONCO. It is made from a patented blend of premium quality synthetic materials that makes it highly durable and provides excellent protection against contamination. The new EDT (Easy Donning Technology) formula makes it easier to put the gloves on moist hands, and in humid conditions; eliminating the need for powder.

Why Choose Nitech EDT®?

Nitech EDT® gloves are 100% powder-free and latex-free, making them suitable for people with latex allergies. The glove is examination grade with a medical device licnese from Health Canada. They are highly versatile, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, including automotive, dental, hygienics, EMS/paramedics, food preparation, food service, laboratory/clinical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, beauty/cosmetology, electronics, fishery/aquaculture, food & beverage processing, hospitality, medical/examination, and printing.

What Sets Nitech EDT® Apart?

Nitech EDT® is the winner of the OH&S 2016 “New Product of the Year” Award under the Hand Protection Category, which is a testament to its quality and effectiveness. The gloves are designed to offer a level of protection somewhere in between vinyl and nitrile, making them suitable for a wide range of tasks.

Furthermore, Nitech EDT® gloves come with Easy Donning Technology (EDT), which makes them incredibly easy to put on, even on moist hands and in humid conditions. This feature not only saves time but also makes it easier to maintain hygiene standards.



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Where Can You Get Nitech EDT®?

If you want to try out Nitech EDT® for yourself, you can order a free sample from RONCO through the website – The gloves are also available through RONCO’s distribution channel. Just get in touch with RONCO at or 905.660.6700 to get connected with an authorized distributor.

In conclusion, Nitech EDT® is an excellent disposable glove that offers unparalleled protection. Its unique blend of materials and Easy Donning Technology make it a versatile and reliable option for a wide range of applications. So, if you’re in the market for disposable gloves, be sure to give Nitech EDT® a try!

NITECH EDT® Now available with EDT (Easy Donning Technology)

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