Sela™ 92-594

Sela™ 92-594

Chemical Resistant Nitrile Coated TPR Cut Resistant Gloves, Impact ANSI 2, Cut ANSI A4


Introducing our Sela 18 Gauge Chemical Resistant Nitrile Coating, Cut A4, TPR, Green Gloves, engineered for dependable protection in various work settings.They meet the ANSI/ISEA A4 cut-level standard, ensuring a high level of safeguarding.

The nitrile coating on the palm and fingers is adept at resisting abrasion and repelling oils, providing a secure grip even when dealing with dry, greasy, or oily materials. The integrated acrylic liner adds an extra layer of insulation against temperature extremes and liquid exposure.

These gloves excel in safeguarding against light cut hazards, making them ideal for tasks involving plastic, thin sheet metal, and other lightweight raw materials. Elevate your hand protection with these reliable, versatile gloves.

Product features:
● Ergonimcally shaped and specialized palm-dip nitrile coating, complemented by a reinforced acrylic liner.
● Gauntlet Cuff
● Level 2 Impact resistant
● Abrasion & Puncture Resistant

*This product is made to order

Expected Mechanical Ratings:

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92-594-07SmallGreenTPRSandy NitrileHPPE / AcrylicGauntlet Cuff
92-594-112X-LargeGreenTPRSandy NitrileHPPE / AcrylicGauntlet Cuff
92-594-08MediumGreenTPRSandy NitrileHPPE / AcrylicGauntlet Cuff
92-594-09LargeGreenTPRSandy NitrileHPPE / AcrylicGauntlet Cuff
92-594-10X-LargeGreenTPRSandy NitrileHPPE / AcrylicGauntlet Cuff
92-594-0712 Pairs x 6 Bags = 72 Pairs Per Case
92-594-1112 Pairs x 6 Bags = 72 Pairs Per Case
92-594-0812 Pairs x 6 Bags = 72 Pairs Per Case
92-594-0912 Pairs x 6 Bags = 72 Pairs Per Case
92-594-1012 Pairs x 6 Bags = 72 Pairs Per Case