Nylon Knitted Gloves

Introducing our Vita 13 Gauge Nylon Knitted Gloves with Hemmed Cuff – your go-to choice for reliable protection in various work settings. Perfect for lighter tasks, these gloves provide solid hand safety.

Crafted with precision using 13-gauge, 100% stretch nylon, our Nylon Knitted Gloves include a knit wrist for a comfortable grip. The reversible pattern ensures extended use, and the color-coded hem simplifies size identification. These gloves are made with FDA accepted materials, meeting safety standards.

Elevate your hand protection with the Vita 13 Gauge Nylon Knitted Gloves. Discover more about these durable gloves [here].

Product features:

  • Constructed with 13 gauge
  • 100% Stretch Nylon
  • Crafted from FDA accepted materials
  • Features a reversible pattern for added versatility
  • Color-coded hem for easy size identification
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63-111H-06X-SmallWhiteNylonHemmed Cuff
63-111H-07SmallWhiteNylonHemmed Cuff
63-111H-08MediumWhiteNylonHemmed Cuff
63-111H-09LargeWhiteNylonHemmed Cuff
63-111H-10X-LargeWhiteNylonHemmed Cuff
63-111H-0612 Pairs x 25 Bags = 300 Pairs Per Case628670998580
63-111H-0712 Pairs x 25 Bags = 300 Pairs Per Case628670998597
63-111H-0812 Pairs x 25 Bags = 300 Pairs Per Case628670998603
63-111H-0912 Pairs x 25 Bags = 300 Pairs Per Case628670998610
63-111H-1012 Pairs x 25 Bags = 300 Pairs Per Case628670998627